How To Dress For Success

Just from observing people who are successful, you will know that (except for those who own their own company) almost all of them dress smartly and appropriately for their position.
It is no simple matter deciding what to wear. In most companies, there are uniforms that eliminate the need for the effort. But there are work places where you are at liberty to wear any suitable attire. Also, for many independent professionals like lawyers, there are no ordained uniforms.
While it takes a lot more than a few minutes to learn all there is about proper dressing, it would help to read some of the tips below:
Clothing should be conservative. If in doubt, better err towards conservatism. You may think your legs are an asset that should be flaunted, but except for a few industries where daring attire is expected, it is usually best to keep your hemline a little below the knees.
Observe what the norm in the company is. Whatever your preferences, it is generally better if you try to adapt to the standards of your workplace.
Tailor-made clothes are best. While most people buy only ready-to-wear suits for convenience and lower price, there are many disadvantages in doing so. For one, it is rare to find clothing that fits perfectly.
Do not copy your boss’ style. In clothing, at least, it is not true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Even the most democratic boss would feel uncomfortable to see a subordinate wearing the same sort of clothes.
Learn your body type. Much of what you should wear depends on your body type. Body type is more than just thin or fat, but also pertains to your body’s shape. Some of the most common body shapes are apple, pear, petite, etc.
Learn to pick quality clothing. Quality clothing not only lasts longer, they also project a better image.
Do not wear trendy clothes that are no longer fashionably accepted. It is very tempting to still use clothing that is in good condition. However, unless you are in a creative field, such clothes may turn you into a laughing stock.
Know how to match your shoes to your outfit. The color and style of your shoes should match your attire. There are many other important rules that govern how you should match your shoes.
Do not try to squeeze into a smaller size. If you have gained over 10 or 15 pounds over the ideal size for your attire, then it is time to wear a larger size. The effort to squeeze into the smaller size will only emphasize that you have grown larger.
A suitable image is essential to success and how you dress plays a large role in defining your image.

*Originally published by the Manila Bulletin. C-4, Sunday, March 3, 2013. Written by Ruben Anlacan, Jr. (President, BusinessCoach, Inc.) All rights reserved. May not be reproduced or copied without express written permission of the copyright holders.