Competency-Based Succession Planning

Competency-Based Succession Planning

About the Seminar


Planning for the succession of people to succeed an organization’s leaders and managers is critical to the survival and growth of companies. Attracting and retaining high potential employees for key positions requires an effective HR strategy. Questions to consider are: What will our company look like three or five years from now? What competencies will our managers need to have then? How do we ensure that we have such managers? How do we retain and motivate such employees?


• To know the nature and value of a competency-based succession planning
• To identify components of a successful competency-based succession planning system
• To tell the factors to consider in implementing competency-based succession planning
• To know the steps to design and implement a competency-based succession system
• To tell whether the organization is ready to install a competency-based succession planning system
• To know and understand the nature and requirements of an effective mentoring relationship
• To identify techniques to keep successors motivated

Who Should Participate

Managers who need to understand and apply HR systems, non-HR professionals who are responsible for HR activities; managers and professionals who are tasked with launching an HR department, HR professionals with less than five years of experience; and HR specialists who have limited generalist experience. Anyone who handles and manages human resources or people.

Key Topics

• Succession planning: what, why, who does it, for whom?
• Difference between succession planning and replacement charting
• Competency-based succession planning system
• The components of a successful competency-based succession planning system
• Profile of the organization
• Areas on which high potential candidates are assessed
• The factors to consider in implementing a competency-based succession planning
• The steps to design and implement a competency-based succession system
• Assessing the readiness of the organization to install competency-based succession planning system
• Successful mentoring program
• Retaining successors; motivational techniques to use

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9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Unit 201 Richbelt Tower, 17 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila
 Competency-Based Succession Planning

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