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Effective Communication Skills Training

About the Seminar


It is important to sharpen your communication skills to increase productivity. Those with excellent communication skills get their message across clearly and effectively. Reduce conflict and increase sales by boosting your ability to communicate.


•To improve one’s ability to accurately and clearly transmit his/her message to the intended audience in the most effective and acceptable manner possible.
• To better understand messages from other persons.
• To see actual applications of the principles of effective communication.

Who Should Participate

• Professionals and managers
• Those in charge of the customer service
• Those who want to improve their communication skills

Key Topics

I. The 4 basic elements of communication
1. Receivers
2. Channels
3. Message
4. Sources

II. Effects of communication – changes in:
1. Awareness
2. Knowledge
3. Attitude
4. Practice

III. The communication process
1. 1-Way
2. 2-Way
3. 3-Way

IV. Types of communication
1. Mass communication
2. Group communication
3. Interpersonal communication

V. Communication barriers
1. Internal
2. External

VI. Principles of effective communication
1. Knowing the personal and psychological characteristics of the target audience or receivers;
2. The power of simple message;
3. The number of channels used in repeating few/ simple messages;
4. The credibility and believability of the resource of information;
5. The lesser number of communication barriers; and
6. Knowing precisely our objective in communicating to a receiver within a given timeframe, the more effective the communication.

VII. Effective communication practices
1. Knowing how to start and end communication
2. Addressing basic subconscious needs of receivers
3. Changing attitude and behavior
4. Getting feedback

VIII. Areas where communication is essential: (work shop, role playing)
1. Pitching potential clients
2. Client meeting
3. Customer service
4. Face to face networking
5. Marketing your business

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9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Unit 201 Richbelt Tower, 17 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

 Effective Communication Skills Training

Registration Details

Seminar Fee

Php 3,000.00 per person (inclusive of snacks, lunch, seminar kit, handouts, certificate of attendance)


10% Discount if FULL AMOUNT is paid at least five (5) banking days before the event.


Please call to register, or you may download our registration form. Kindly fill-out, and send to us through fax (727.88.60) or email. You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.

Mode of Payment

  • Deposit payment at Banco de Oro, Savings Account Name: BusinessCoach, Inc. Then kindly fax deposit slip (indicate name of participant and seminar title) to confirm reservation.
  • On-site payment (CASH only)
  • Company checks are accepted, provided that they are received at least five (5) banking days before the event.

Cancellation by Attendee

Registrant may refund amount paid, with less 30% processing charge from the LISTED AMOUNT within 30 days, or opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within 60 days. Cancellation must be done at least 2 days before the event. Non-appearance or failure to inform us of cancellation will result to forfeiture of full amount paid.

Cancellation by BusinessCoach, Inc.

Registrant may refund full amount paid within 30 days, or may opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within sixty days of cancellation.

Refund Policy

Payment may be refunded upon presentation of the original copy of bank deposit slip and a valid ID. Cash refund is strictly implemented, and may be availed only at the BusinessCoach, Inc. office in San Juan City, Metro Manila. BusinessCoach, Inc. does not deposit refunds.


Schedule may change without prior notice. Please call to confirm. BusinessCoach, Inc. is not liable for any expense incurred by seminar registrant resulting from cancellation of any of our events.

Contact Details

Contact Numbers

Please call (632) 727.56.28, (632) 225.66.16, or (632) 727.88.60

or call/text mobile numbers 0915.205.0133 / 0908.342.3162 / 0926.622.0768 / 0933.584.7266


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