Improving Your Facilities Management

Improving facilities management is one of the key areas usually overlooked by management. A study of its functions will make it clear that so much can be saved and operational efficiency can be implemented if those in charge are better guided.
While their responsibilities often overlap, there are basic differences that follow from the difference in their perspective. Although there are varying definitions, one of the best is that facilities management is usually associated with the users of the property. The users may own or lease the building which they are using. Being occupants, their primary concern is how the facility supports their operations. On the other hand, property management I normally pertains to the personnel of the owner of the property. Because of this, they have more interest in the revenue generated by the property.
It doesn’t cost much for an organization to give proper training to those in facilities management. With the right knowledge, they can be expected to attain the following benefits:
Reduction in cost of maintenance and operations. Prompt repairs are often the key to cost savings. A leaking faucet or toilet, for example, wastes a lot of water.
A cleaner and more user-friendly place. One of the key features of efficient facility management is the cleanliness of the property. However, this is one aspect that needs the cooperation of the facility users to lessen the need for additional manpower, which is now getting more expensive.
Better space management. This means knowing the optimum use of the allocation of space to maximize its utility or value. This covers not only the quantity of space, but also the quality of the space since this would also affect its suitability. There is also a need for accurate forecasts so that allowance for expansion can be anticipated.
Better safety, health and regulatory compliance. Prime consideration should be allotted to making sure that the facility is safe and is not hazardous to health. There must also be strict compliance with legal requirements, especially regarding fire safety. Information dissemination drives and drills and procedures to follow during emergencies are also part of this.
Reduction in theft and other crimes. With proper controls, there should be fewer incidences of theft and intruders. Strict screening of those entering the premises, along with the strategic positioning of high resolution CCTVs, are among the most useful approaches.
Improve working relationship with the users of the facility. If there is excellent facilities management, the users of the facility would be more cooperative in complying with the rules and procedures. This creates a virtuous cycle of mutual benefit.
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