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The bright prospects for the events management industry is being boosted by the expected large growth in tourism and rise in disposable income. Supporting this belief is the fact that giant venues for events are being constructed left and right. In events management, you can start small and rapidly grow your business.
While event planning is usually one of the subjects taught in Tourism courses, there is no legal need to be a graduate of any course. Another option is to be a supplier to event organizers. You can be a caterer, a provider of sound systems, booths, talents and many other needs of this business.
While starting an event planning business needs only a little capital, what is essential is a solid knowledge on operating the business. Check out the key task that you must know in order to run this business:
Focus on a suitable niche. Event planning is a huge industry and you should focus on a niche where you have the highest chance of success. There are four main markets for events. First is the corporate market; second is the personal market, which includes wedding planning; third are the organizations and associations; and fourth is the government sector.
Research on the best suppliers. This is not just a matter of canvassing for the lowest price. You must also be able to accurately assess their capacity and reliability. Some of these things you can only know through interviews with other events organizers who have already dealt with that particular supplier.
Learn how to cost and price your offer. You must be capable of giving an accurate budget with sufficient allowance for unexpected and miscellaneous expenses. Too low an estimate would lead to losses, while too high a price may lead your buyer to seek another organizer. Do not forget to quote a reasonable professional fee for your services.
Know how to handle contingencies and safety procedures. There are many variables that are beyond your control. One of the most critical and difficult to predict is the weather condition. There must be backup plans in case of bad weather, brownouts, sound system breakdown, equipment problems, and many other possible problems. For large events, crowd handling must be done in accordance with legal procedures, and the required permits and proper health and safety precautions must be made. Do not rely on your memory—have checklists to make sure that everything is taken care of.
Mentor or partner first with an experienced event organizer. No matter how much you study this business, there will always be something that you would overlook if you still do not have actual experience. It is advised that you should consult with an expert event organizer first, or better yet, get him/her as a partner for your first few events. This advice also applies if you would be doing a type of event that is either very large compared to the events you have handled or if the event is of an unfamiliar type.
The events planning business has great potential, but you must learn all you can about this venture before you dip your toes into this industry.
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