Kaizen Management for Operations Improvement

An Inexpensive But Effective Way To Create Improvement In Business

Every manager or entrepreneur wishes to improve on their operations. With competition getting stiffer, you have to get better everyday to avoid being overtaken. The problem is how to find an option that will not exceed your budget but still have a significant impact. Fortunately, even here in the Philippines, more and more firms are discovering a proven method called “kaizen”.
Kaizen is a famous Japanese management tool that is one of the most effective but economical ways to create improvement. This refers to a collection of practices and beliefs that is applied to create continuous improvement in production, management and many other areas. It is indeed not surprising that progressive companies developed a passion for kaizen. Just some of the many advantages of this system are as follows:
It is inexpensive. For the most part, there is no need for a large allocation of funds. Focus is on low cost interventions that are useful, even if the change is individually not so dramatic. However, the fact that improvements are expected to be numerous, the total effect of the small changes eventually sum up to a very large amount.
It is adopted by world-class companies. You can be reassured that a large number of world-class corporations have used kaizen successfully. One of the most prominent companies is Toyota, which owes much of its supremacy to this seemingly humble concept. You will be following a system that has been tried and tested by the some of the best companies.
People are more motivated. Unlike many other techniques, kaizen involves everyone in the company, from the lowest manual laborer to top management. Since all are expected to be engaged in the effort, there is more cooperation as compared to when the changes will just be dictated by top management.
Improvement in attitude. Properly implemented, kaizen is expected to lead to positive changes in the thinking of those involved. Mindset changing is the first element to be targeted in kaizen so that more productive habits are acquired.
Sustainability is part of the system. Maintenance of improvement is part of the basic concepts of kaizen. Since backsliding is a common occurrence, the system aims to counter this tendency.
Reduction of capital needed. Since one of the major thrusts of the system is the reduction of unneeded inventory by using just-in-time techniques, it is expected that less money would be needed in inventory stocking. Better techniques are also likely to result in many other benefits.
Kaizen is indeed a marvellous management tool that can do wonders for your company. It is crucial for companies to realize that it is only with continuous improvement that you can be assured of survival and growth.
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