Leverage on Internet Marketing

Some people may say that television commercials, radio ads and the giant tarpaulins crowding the skies of EDSA are still a great way to advertise. While they may be reliable—this is why a lot of giant companies, mostly international clothing brands, still do it—these capital-intensive marketing strategies would never figure into the list of small starting companies. This is where the new media—the Internet—comes into play.
If you’re a small business, here are good reasons why it’s high time you take advantage of the Internet:
Cheap. You can market your products and services over the Internet for free. Of course, this does not include your monthly Internet plan or the hourly rate of the Internet shop. You only need to make an e-mail account and register your account in your chosen websites, and all that is left is formatting your ads.
For those willing to spend for ads, you can opt to pay for advertising rather than availing of free postings. Paid advertisements are actually given more priority, more ad space, are active for more days, and can reach a greater audience than free advertisements. Facebook even has a segmentation option where you can select what kind of audience can see your posts – occupation, age and even gender.
Easy and portable. With the latest gadgets having WiFi capability, you can now edit your posts, website and blog site using your cellphones and tablets. You can update your posts literally anytime and anywhere, even from the comfort of your local coffee place.
Another great thing about Internet marketing is that in most of the hosting sites, you don’t have to learn about scripting and programming to build your website or your ads. WordPress allows its users to choose whether to build their posts using HTML, or simply type in what they want to say and put pictures they want to show. Facebook also has a text box where you can simply type in your post and a photo uploader for your images.
Wide coverage. Take a look at the popular Internet ad sites. They offer a virtually infinite variety of goods and services. People would sell their used personal items, like old cellphones and computers, T-shirts, corporate giveaways, up to office spaces, cars and houses. They are used not only by private individuals but also by companies because they understand that selling items online can do really well in Google search results. Consequently, good search results mean a lot more people will be seeing your ad.
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