Making Money Online


Today, almost all households have Internet access. This is the reason why many businesses have shifted their gears toward internet marketing. The increase in employment of IT personnel has also increased as the companies realized the needs to conduct business in the web.
However, for many employees, starting an online business is just to augment their income. Most have other jobs, and are just selling goods or services in the internet during their free time. This is because online selling is easy to do. It can be done by anyone – housewives, students, persons with disabilities, young and old, or anyone who wants to engage in this activity.
Here are reasons why you should do internet marketing:
Inexpensive. You can build free websites with just a few clicks in the internet. There are also some web builders that charge for as low as Php 5, 000.
Low inventory demand. You may start your business with very few product inventories; in fact you can start the business with no physical store. Just take a picture of your products, and post them in the internet.
Effective time management. This can be a home-based business, so you can check customer inquiries during your free time. You could also take your “store” anywhere! All you need is a computer, and an internet connection which is accessible almost everywhere—computer shops, coffee shops, and even in some areas in the mall.
Visible 24/7. If you are promoting your products online, your customers can see your products anytime, any day by accessing your webpage through the internet. They could easily explore your whole product line. This saves time for both parties, since the buyer would not spend so much time asking “do you have this, or that?”
Unlimited distribution. The marketplace is big. You can reach prospects in different parts of the world with the use of the internet. You can also target clients, depending on their status, gender, and economic status. You have the freedom to easily choose which kind of buyers you want to negotiate with.
Low to no staffing requirement. You may do such marketing technique without hiring an employee. This saves money on your part, since the income would entirely be yours.
Easy and inexpensive market research. Internet marketing is flexible, as you can economically test your market. You can quickly find out which items are saleable and which items are or not. This will minimize the risks of having supplies of non-moving items.
Strong possibilities of expansion through partnerships. With many large companies shifting to internet marketing, it is possible to meet strong marketing partners—people or companies who may promote your website by link-backs from their high-traffic websites if your site has compelling content. You may form different partnerships with various firms, mentors and partners alike by studying which of them can be your allies.
These are just some of the many possibilities unlocked and benefits obtained by using the online marketing technique. The different ways of the sellers in utilizing the internet for marketing their products confirms the effectiveness of the cyber space. This is because of the fact that the online world is now popular in our society—social networking, advertisement websites, forums, and others.
Internet is a very powerful advertisement tool for anyone, indeed. It is a new venture which entrepreneurs, young or old, should definitely take on, and treat as an opportunity. Take your business to the online world, and see it grow and progress!
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*Originally published by the Manila Bulletin. Written by Ruben Anlacan, Jr. (President, BusinessCoach, Inc.) All rights reserved. May not be reproduced or copied without express written permission of the copyright holders.