Requirements in Starting a Preschool in the Philippines

Even with the government’s K+12 program, there is still a huge demand for private preschools. In fact, for those with the means, there may still be an incentive for parents to enrol their kids in private preschools. There is also an opportunity for a preschool to later on grow to become an elementary school after complying with the legal requirements.
The main government institutions that regulate the establishment of preschools is the Department of Education (DepEd). To give the reader information, here are some of the basic requirements that you must comply with:
Complete the GPR-4 Form. This is the primary form provided by the DepEd for those interested in applying for a Preschool, Day Care Center, Primary or Secondary schools.
Submit the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. You must first register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as you need to form a corporation and acquire a corporate name.
Present Copy of the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) and document of ownership of the school site or copy of Lease Contract (at least 10 years).
Find an acceptable location and determine the size of the preschool. The proposed site must not be hazardous to health or morality, and the location must be conducive to the learning process. The area must be a minimum of 500 square meters, although a minimum of 200 square meters is allowed if there is an open space to complete the requirement that is not more than 200 meters away. Note that classrooms used by preschool children must be on the ground floor only.
Present a certification of bank deposit. Besides the usual requirement of the SEC to show the paid-up capital, the DepEd requires certification that sufficient funds are available to run the school’s operation for at least one year.
Present a proposed budget. Create a planned budget and forecast of expenditures for the next year, as approved by the Board of Trustees/ Directors.
Plan on campus development and list of facilities. This would include all those necessary in order to properly teach the listed courses along with the support services. Note that pictures of the site, rooms and facilities are also required.
List of personnel and qualifications. This should include school administrators and both teaching and non-teaching personnel.
Bond Agreement. This is in the amount of 1,000 per course with a maximum of PhP5,000 per school regardless of the number of courses.
Be reminded that requirements change; do verify with the DepEd for the most current rules. Remember, too, that preschools must be handled not only as a business but also as a place where young minds are first formally molded. You must also have a passion to impart education besides the profit motive.
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