Train Your Receptionists

Make Your Receptionists Stand Out


The receptionist is the first person visitors meet in your office. Being so, she has a strong influence on a visitor’s perception. If she is irritable, this may prompt the visitor to be bad-tempered as well. If the way she speaks and her grammar are faulty, then people may suspect that the quality of the company’s products and services are probably defective, too. The same will be the conclusion if her attire and grooming is shabby.
Unfortunately, many companies pay little attention to a receptionist’s function. The truth is the job of a receptionist is very demanding. She is expected to handle guests while taking phone calls, working on the computer, pacifying disgruntled customers, etc. And she needs to do all this while still being friendly.
For most receptionists, there are skills lacking. Some of the areas your receptionist may need additional training on are:
Grammar and accent. The receptionist’s oral communication skills should be excellent. Some people think this is hard to remedy unless you are willing to replace the receptionist. However, there is always a chance for improvement as long as the person is determined.
Proper grooming and personality development. Note that a pleasing personality does not mean a pretty face, although beauty adds to it. A pleasing personality is more a combination of being friendly, helpful, approachable, cheerful, and other pleasing traits that make talking to the person a pleasant experience.
Telephone skills. There are many things to learn about handling phone calls. Starting from how many rings before you pick up the phone and the first words to speak, up to how you terminate a call that is taking too long. In fact, there are seminars on this topic only.
Knowing how to operate basic computer software. Receptionists now are usually provided with computers to aid in their work. Because of this, basic knowledge of computer hardware and software is needed.
Screening callers and visitors. One of the most crucial tasks of a receptionist is to prevent unwanted callers and visitors from bothering her bosses. This calls for tact and great diplomacy. She must be able to assess quickly if the person is worth negotiating with.
How to handle complaints. Often, the receptionist is the one who hears the complaints since she deals with clients first. Even if she is not the one responsible for the problem, she may have to bear the harsh words. She should try to resolve it if possible, or refer the person to the concerned party if necessary.
Answering inquiries. The knowledge required to answer inquiries properly is varied. It may be about simple things like directions going to your office or technical matters about a product the company is offering. Often, the information is beyond her know-how and the query has to be channelled to the proper person.
Investing in a receptionist’s training to improve their skills will go a long way to uplifting the professional image of your company. BusinessCoach, Inc., a leading business seminar provider, conducts a one day-seminar for receptionists called “Training for Receptionists.” Contact BusinessCoach at (2) 727-628/8860 or (915)205-0133, e-mail, or visit for details.

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